Powroll Employee Reunion – Pass it on!

MOTORMAN_swooshJust got a call from Pete Fisher of Powroll and he said Tom Street mentioned wanting to do something for Powroll’s 50th Anniversary.

I’m sure some of you know Tom puts on a pretty big shindig at his place every year. Festivities include slot car racing, good food, and blowing stuff up. He and Pete agreed it would be the perfect venue to get Powroll folks together again.

So anyone who worked for the big 4-stroke performance icon over the years is welcome to join the festivities

When: July 26th, 10am – ??

Where:  Tom Street’s House,

64759 Old Bend Redmond Hwy
Bend, OR 97701-8438
What to bring: Side Dish and your favorite beverage(s).
Any questions, call Pete Fisher at 541-388-2135
tl125-dirt bike mag - 1976  scott_pete

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2104 Steel Stampede photos

“Photos, get ‘yer photos here! Hot off the presses!”

Skilled photographers abound, and lucky for us, plenty of them showed up at the event! If you have photos posted, we’d love to add a link to your shots here. Either send me an email at pam.falcioni@gmail.com, or leave a link on our Facebook page.

Trials Pix

Pam Falcioni: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ducatisti/sets/72157644089937509/

MX Pix

Kurt Windisch: https://www.facebook.com/kurtwindisch/media_set?set=a.10202393620581042.1073741854.1208930420&type=3&uploaded=19

Pam Falcioni: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ducatisti/sets/72157644172050048/

Trials and MX

AHRMA NW: http://www.ahrmanw.com/2014_event_images.htm

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Excellent day of Trials competition, lots of great rides! Thanks so much to the multitudes of volunteers who make this all possible. We couldn’t do it without you!


More photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ducatisti/sets/72157644089937509/



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Make sure your Kaw doesn’t meet a deer on your way here

It’s deer migration season here in the high desert, which means tons of large and generally stupid four-legged roadblocks will be greeting you as you leave Hwy. 97 and head in to the ranch.

Ironically, you won't have to worry about cows on the Ranch.

Ironically, you won’t have to worry about cows on the Ranch.

Of course they are usually on the roads during the times of day when visibility sucks – early morning and early evening.

Also keep an eye out for our mouflon sheep (called “shoats” by the locals because they look like a cross between a sheep and a goat). They are usually smart enough to stay off the roads, but they’re a bit unusual and fun to spot.

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Crooked River RV Park – Special Event Pricing

The RV Park down at the Ranch is offering special prices for the event – to get these prices be sure to say you’re with the event when making a reservation.

14875 Hayes Rd.
Crooked River Ranch, OR


Special Event Prices:

Full Hook-up $30+tax

Water/Power/Cable $28+tax

Water/Power $26+tax

Dump and water fill-ups are free!


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Construction Notice for Hwy 97 between Bend and Redmond

An 11-mile stretch of US Hwy 97 between Bend and Redmond is being repaved, and workers will be on the job the week of the event. Paving will be done at night from 7pm to 7am Monday-Friday, and 8pm to 7am on Sunday.

Traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction during paving operations, although delays will most likely be minimal.

Those of you traveling up from the southern regions will probably be the most affected since many of you will arrive on Friday evening. Although alternate routes are available, 97 will most likely still be the easiest and quickest route even with one lane closed.

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Are you the One? Compete for the Highlander Award and find out!

There Can Be Only One!

There Can Be Only One!

Anyone that is interested in competing for the Highlander award this year needs to contact Pete Fisher at 541-388-2135 (after 6pm) to get your name on the list. Previous year’s winners will be there to defend their right to be The Only One, it’s up to you to dethrone them (without the messiness of cutting their heads off).

If you’re not familiar with the Highlander competition, this is the forth annual and here’s the info from the inaugural event:

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Scottish 6-Days, the Steel Stampede will be hosting an epic fight encompassing the fine sports of Trials and that other Scottish invention involving a ball, a stick, and a hole.

In addition to the regular trials sections, Highlander participants will attempt to complete a Special Trials section that will emulate something from the Scottish 6 Days, and 9 holes of golf at the Crooked River Ranch course (see special rates in Participant Info).

The awesome Highlander sword trophy will be presented to the winner.

No Handicaps, No BS, No 2nd Place – Just straight up competition – lowest combined score wins.

So get your balls and clubs together and join in!

Participant information here.

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