New helmet rules for AHRMA 2015 MX

Please make sure your helmet meets the new regulations.

The biggest change from last year’s rules is that no helmet may be more than 60 months old. This is based on the date of manufacture, not the date of purchase. So, even if you just bought a new helmet last fall, check the manufacture date!

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2015 Dates Set

Mark your calendar for May 2nd and 3rd 2015 and be sure to come on down to the Ranch for our 9th year of incredible race and trials action at Crooked River Ranch!

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Antique Bikes stolen in Tacoma Washington – FOUND

September 24, 2014 –

FOUND!!!! Social media pulled through! Yes the 4-bikes have been found! There are now 4 very Happy Cannonballers who have their bikes back. (I personally spoke to Big Swede, one of the 4 and he was clearly ecstatic!) Thank you to everyone here and all over the internet who reposted and made this happen. There are surely tens of thousands of happy social media supporters, reposters, bloggers… that will be excited this worked. The trailer and 4-bikes were found in Seattle in an alley near the Old Rainier Brewery by a worker who recognized the trailer from a Facebook post. The whole lot was apparently ready to get shipped overseas. The truck was abandoned elsewhere.

NOTE: There are is still a missing 1928 Harley JD parts bike, bins of spare parts, tools and riding gear, so be vigilant and on the lookout. These can appear at swapmeets, Craigslist… just about anywhere.


Original Post from September 23rd below:

Please pass on this information to anyone you know in the Northwest. These bikes were part of the Motorcycle Cannonball Run and are a priceless part of our motorcycle heritage.


By Michael Lichter

$20,000 REWARD! PLEASE HELP in the recovery of 4-Motorcycle Cannonball bikes, their support truck and trailer. They were stolen from the parking lot of the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington Monday night (Sept 22.). Keep your eyes out for any of the following.

1919 Harley Davidson J, Mississippi Antique License Plate #9620, MCR (Motorcycle Cannonball Run) #54



1926 Harley Davidson JD, Texas Antique License Plate #BDKX4, MCR #73



1931 Harley Davidson VL, Texas Antique License Plate #BFGR3, MCR #76



1928 Harley Davidson JD, Texas Antique License Plate #BFGV2, MCR #99



Truck – dark grey 2001 Ford F250 with Motorcycle Cannonball logos on the front doors Texas License Plate #89LBC7

Trailer – 2007 Doolittle 16 foot enclosed grey trailer with 4 windows and a large Motorcycle Cannonball logo on the rear door Texas License Plate #41968M

A $20,000 reward is being offered for the safe return of the machines and support vehicle. If you see any of these machines, call 911 immediately.
If you have any information that may help, please contact any of the following –
Jon Neuman – 214-850-6910 –
Buck Carson – 936-239-6615 –
David Lloyd – 901-277-7710 –
Mike Carson – 281-705-5634 –

Please spread the word through your friends and to any networks of Motorcycle Shops and Motorcycle Groups like HOG. Repost this message and all the photos anywhere you can.

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Powroll Employee Reunion – Pass it on!

MOTORMAN_swooshJust got a call from Pete Fisher of Powroll and he said Tom Street mentioned wanting to do something for Powroll’s 50th Anniversary.

I’m sure some of you know Tom puts on a pretty big shindig at his place every year. Festivities include slot car racing, good food, and blowing stuff up. He and Pete agreed it would be the perfect venue to get Powroll folks together again.

So anyone who worked for the big 4-stroke performance icon over the years is welcome to join the festivities

When: July 26th, 10am – ??

Where:  Tom Street’s House,

64759 Old Bend Redmond Hwy
Bend, OR 97701-8438
What to bring: Side Dish and your favorite beverage(s).
Any questions, call Pete Fisher at 541-388-2135
tl125-dirt bike mag - 1976  scott_pete

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2104 Steel Stampede photos

“Photos, get ‘yer photos here! Hot off the presses!”

Skilled photographers abound, and lucky for us, plenty of them showed up at the event! If you have photos posted, we’d love to add a link to your shots here. Either send me an email at, or leave a link on our Facebook page.

Trials Pix

Pam Falcioni:

MX Pix

Kurt Windisch:

Pam Falcioni:

Trials and MX


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Excellent day of Trials competition, lots of great rides! Thanks so much to the multitudes of volunteers who make this all possible. We couldn’t do it without you!


More photos here:



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Make sure your Kaw doesn’t meet a deer on your way here

It’s deer migration season here in the high desert, which means tons of large and generally stupid four-legged roadblocks will be greeting you as you leave Hwy. 97 and head in to the ranch.

Ironically, you won't have to worry about cows on the Ranch.

Ironically, you won’t have to worry about cows on the Ranch.

Of course they are usually on the roads during the times of day when visibility sucks – early morning and early evening.

Also keep an eye out for our mouflon sheep (called “shoats” by the locals because they look like a cross between a sheep and a goat). They are usually smart enough to stay off the roads, but they’re a bit unusual and fun to spot.

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