Looking for Cheap Thrills?

Ride the Support Class in Saturday’s trials just for the cost of entry ($10 for day entry, $35 for Trial entry), no need for AHRMA membership!

Support class bikes do not need to meet Vintage rules, but must run a trials tire on the rear and have some way of showing a line number on a front plate (pie plate and Sharpie marker work great).

You won’t get points towards any other events, but it’s a great way to get some trials experience without breaking the bank.

Support class riders can select any of the 4 lines depending on their skill level.

1 = Hardest, most challenging line. Best for riders with Trials experience.

2 = Intermediate line, some difficulty. Good option for experienced trail riders with no Trials experience.

3 = Fairly simple line. No problem for a trail rider.

4 = Beginning line for riders with little or no Trial or trail experience.