Poster Art in Progress

Thought I’d give you a little insider view on the creation of this year’s poster art.

The new design is a continuation of last year’s art, which seemed to be a real fan favorite. Keeping the theme of 1950’s SciFi B-Movie poster, I start with a rough draft in the computer – cutting and pasting elements from rider photos I’ve taken at events over the years. Once the design is roughed in, it’s time for the fun part!

Using a print of the cut and paste image I just created in the computer and a copy of last year’s poster so I keep the styling similar, I start hand painting the main elements. I’ve never found a way to digitally create the same look and feel using photoshop, so for these throwback designs, I need to get out the old-fashioned paints and brushes. I paint on transparency paper that has the front surface roughed up to accept the initial pencil sketch and paint. The transparency allows me to easily cut away the background once these images are scanned into the computer, and also adds a bit more of a 3-dimensional look to the art. This particular design was done in two separate layers to create an even more 3-D look.



Once the paintings are complete, they’re scanned into the computer then incorporated into the complete design. I add other graphic elements that tie everything together and hopefully end up with a finished product that has some of the cool look and feel of those old movie posters of yesteryear.

Tune in on April 2nd to see the completed poster!