Pics from AHRMA NW Marymount and Oakland weekends

Digital photography is a funny thing, it takes only seconds to snap hundreds of shots, then hours to edit and post them all. Back in the olden days of film photography you took time crafting each image, then sent the film off to the printer hoping for the best, it came back and the only thing left to do was put it in a photo album.

So, short story long, although I’m posting this with only photos of the Oakland Trials, I’ll be adding the Oakland MX and also the previous weekend’s Marymount Trials here soon.

As always, the MX photos will be searchable by your rider number.

Hope you have as much fun viewing these as I had taking them!

Oakland Oregon Trials 06-27-2015 

Marymount Motorcycle Week AHRMA Trials 06-20-2015