Moto-Memorabilia Montage!

I thought it might be fun to do a few Moto-History posts on Facebook using our collection of assorted bike paraphernalia we’ve acquired over the years, along with some associated history to get folks excited about the “living history” you see in action at the Steel Stampede.

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If Facebook isn’t your thing, I’ll be re-posting a few of the stories here.

First up:

I’m starting with a book we should probably all take some time to read before the AHRMA MX season starts in earnest – since we all want to know how to RIDE and WIN!

Authored by Chuck Minert, John McLaughlin, Don Pink and Bud Ekins in 1956, rumor has it that this was mostly ghost-written by Don Brown (Editor of Cycle Magazine) with contributions via interviews and letters from all the riders. This makes sense because I honestly can’t imagine these 4 competitive guys happily sitting around a kitchen table and writing a book together — at least not back in the day when they were still racing.

The first printing was funded by Bob Bates of Bates Leathers with a $5,000 loan, then Floyd Clymer stepped up and ordered another 5,000 copies to sell through the mail (was there anything printed about motorcycles in the US in those early days that Floyd didn’t have a hand in?).

The book has been reprinted and is now available through the most excellent Bud and Dave Ekins website, or you can keep a sharp eye on Ebay where first edition copies like this one will show up occasionally.