Bikes in Print

Motorcycles are, and always have been, cool. This cool is used by marketing gurus to lend more excitement to all sorts of products. Slap a pic of a guy whipping it over a jump on your box of sugar-bomb kid’s cereal and you’re going to sell more, because, motorcycle!

Magazine publishers realized this, and motorcycles have shown up on the covers of some odd publications over the years, sometimes with supporting stories inside that made the tie-in work, others that leave you scratching your head at the disconnect between cover shot and content.

The addition of an iconic movie star to the mix increases this cool factor exponentially. I often wonder if Steve McQueen ever got tired of posing for yet another cover shot on some obscure magazine that had absolutely nothing to do with bikes.

Our collection includes quite a few of these “motorcycles on random magazines” titles, although I have yet to find a copy of the truly brilliant German “Housefrau” from 1934 with the extremely stylish lady going flat-out on a Zundapp or BMW single…/AAAA…/pTZKDlD2I70/s1600-h/001.jpg.