Highlander Competition

So, ye’ll be asking, “What in blazes is does a sword from an old fantasy movie have to with trials?” Well, it all started with the 100th anniversary of the Scottish 6 Days, and Pete’s idea that we should have some sort of special competition to honor it. He also remembered that Scotland is famous for some sort of game played with a ball and stick that involves lots of cussing. We reminded him that game is called “golf”. We also suddenly realized that Crooked River Ranch has one of those golf course thingies, and it’s supposed to be a pretty nice one. The next step is obvious, combine Trials and Golf in one great competition!

Pete’s first plan had trials riders whacking the ball about al la polo fashion, but cooler heads prevailed and we came up with a special trials section that riders would challenge during the event followed by 9 holes of traditional golf. The lowest overall score wins. The competition (and trophy) were such a hit that we’ve done it every year since.

There Can Be Only One!
There Can Be Only One!

Anyone that is interested in competing for the Highlander award this year needs to contact Pete Fisher at 541-388-2135 (after 6pm) to get your name on the list. Previous year’s winners will be there to defend their right to be The Only One and own the trophy for a year, it’s up to you to dethrone them (without the messiness of cutting their heads off).

No Handicaps, No BS, No Second Place – Just straight up competition – lowest combined score wins.

So get your balls and clubs together and join in!

Participant information here.