AmKuni? MikMal?

Today’s moto-history pics show one of my favorite pieces in the collection because it consistently brings such a great “what the heck???” response from visitors.

I know you’re probably thinking these are simply photos of two separate carbs, one Amal and one from Mikuni, but what if I told you this is one carburetor?

Seems like back in the 1950’s and ’60’s Amal was happy to put a little extra cash in their pockets and eagerly hopped in bed with the Japanese manufacturers by licensing some designs to Mikuni. This Franken-carb is one of the results of that union.

And a little trivia test — who knows what the “392” stands for?

Click here for the answer!


Moto-Memorabilia Montage!

I thought it might be fun to do a few Moto-History posts on Facebook using our collection of assorted bike paraphernalia we’ve acquired over the years, along with some associated history to get folks excited about the “living history” you see in action at the Steel Stampede.

If you haven’t done so already, “like” our page for the easiest way to get a daily dose of interesting moto bits.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, I’ll be re-posting a few of the stories here.

First up:

I’m starting with a book we should probably all take some time to read before the AHRMA MX season starts in earnest – since we all want to know how to RIDE and WIN!

Authored by Chuck Minert, John McLaughlin, Don Pink and Bud Ekins in 1956, rumor has it that this was mostly ghost-written by Don Brown (Editor of Cycle Magazine) with contributions via interviews and letters from all the riders. This makes sense because I honestly can’t imagine these 4 competitive guys happily sitting around a kitchen table and writing a book together — at least not back in the day when they were still racing.

The first printing was funded by Bob Bates of Bates Leathers with a $5,000 loan, then Floyd Clymer stepped up and ordered another 5,000 copies to sell through the mail (was there anything printed about motorcycles in the US in those early days that Floyd didn’t have a hand in?).

The book has been reprinted and is now available through the most excellent Bud and Dave Ekins website, or you can keep a sharp eye on Ebay where first edition copies like this one will show up occasionally.


Follow us down Memory Lane

Of course, since we’re talking motorcycles, this is going to be a pretty fun and fast trip!

To celebrate our 10th year at the Ranch, we’ve been posting photos from previous events every day on our Facebook page. Like the page and you’ll get a daily dose of Vintage MX and Trials fun, Crooked River Ranch style. We’re encouraging everyone to join in, add your own photos and video along with any stories of conquest or defeat. Everyone loves a good bench racing session, help us make this one epic!

Show & Swap get their own website

We’re really excited about the addition of the Show & Swap to this year’s activities. We’ve set up a website and Facebook Page . If you’re interested in showing a bike (or bikes) or having a booth at the swap meet, be sure to Like the Facebook page or sign up for email notifications from the website so you can be notified when we begin early sign-ups.

Our venue for the event is going to be perfect!

Calling all Videographers!

We’re looking for a few good videos – no, not cat videos (although there’s nothing wrong with a good cat video) – Steel Stampede videos!

If you have video of previous years’ events, you could help us go big this year promoting the 10th annual event on local and national television spots.

Send video (or links) to


2016 Event Dates

We’re celebrating our 10th year in 2016 so we’ve got some special stuff planned for you. Check here and on our Facebook page for updates in the coming months. We can’t wait!

April 30th –

Powroll/Redwood Engineering Regional Trials Series

Show and Swap Meet New! More details will be available soon.

May 1st –

Cycle Gear NW Regional MX Series

May 2nd –

AHRMA Board Meeting at Crooked River Ranch (limited seating available for non-board members)


Pics from AHRMA NW Marymount and Oakland weekends

Digital photography is a funny thing, it takes only seconds to snap hundreds of shots, then hours to edit and post them all. Back in the olden days of film photography you took time crafting each image, then sent the film off to the printer hoping for the best, it came back and the only thing left to do was put it in a photo album.

So, short story long, although I’m posting this with only photos of the Oakland Trials, I’ll be adding the Oakland MX and also the previous weekend’s Marymount Trials here soon.

As always, the MX photos will be searchable by your rider number.

Hope you have as much fun viewing these as I had taking them!

Oakland Oregon Trials 06-27-2015 

Marymount Motorcycle Week AHRMA Trials 06-20-2015